Problems With a Fake Doctors Note

A good doctor's note can often be very useful for getting out of having to attend work, work obligations and school. Although excuses straight from the mouth of a Dr can indeed be effective, they often backfire. If you happen to come across free forms on the internet that can justify your absence from work or school, fight the urge to use a doctor's note. These templates can make you look like a real liar. If you find a good template that looks like an authentic excuse note from a doctor, think carefully about all of the potential negatives that could arise from sending it to your school administrators or workplace. There are many.

If you acquire a doctor's note that was a free internet sample, there's a strong chance that somebody else at your school or workplace has tried to use it before. The internet, while big, is a finite place. If your boss or teacher recognizes the note as being familiar, then he'll discover that the note is inauthentic. Worse yet, he'll discover that you're deceiving him. If you don't want to risk getting into trouble at school or being terminated from your position, your best bet is to stay far, far away from online sample notes from "doctors."

If you print out a template that has the name and contact details for a medical clinic on it, other problems could arise. If your teacher or work supervisor decides to call the practice to confirm your fake illness, he'll be shocked to discover that no one at the office has any record of your doctor's visit. He'll be even more shocked if he calls the clinic and discovers that the number doesn't exist in the first place.

If you try to pass off a free online note as being a genuine note  from a doctor, you subject yourself to many potential issues. Spare yourself the stress by always being truthful and sincere. A day off from work or school simply isn't worth all of the possible frustration. Using a piece of a blank doctors note can save you from having the burden of making up excuses. It's instant and all you need is to look like sick.