Doctor’s note

You woke up in the morning on a weekday, you noticed you were not feeling too well.

And then you decided to call in at work or school to let them know about your state. And then you are told to come with a doctor’s note (also known as a sick note) to work or school.

How do you get a doctor’s note? And how do you use it?

A doctor’s note serves as a recommendation from a doctor that details your health condition and how it may hinder your ability to be at school or work. It is usually issued for minor illness or chronic sicknesses. And it will state how long you will be absent.

For students, each school has its own policy on getting a doctor’s note. In some school, a parent’s note stating a ward’s nature and duration of illness may be accepted. This note may be sent directly to the kid’s teachers. But some schools require a note from the doctor. It must be signed, and have contact information. The date the sickness started must be indicated in the note.

For college students, it could be a bit complicated. You might want to approach your professor to know his/her policy on missing classes due to Ill health. Some colleges may require you comply with specific policies of the school administration. You would have to meet with the Registrar or Dean of Students for clarification. Some schools may insist you go to their clinic for medical evaluation.

As a student, you must take the policy of your school on obtaining a sick note very seriously so that you don’t miss out on any school work you’ve missed.

Depending on the companies policy on missing work due to illness, some may insist you turn in a doctor’s report. Always be aware of your companies policy on turning in doctor’s note or applying for sick leave.

Your employer usually has the right to inquire about your health condition, especially when there is suspicion of frequency and pattern of your being absent from work. But they can’t ask for details of your type of sickness.

It’s your right to reveal that to your employer or not.

If you are sick and bedridden, it is your duty to obtain a doctor’s report and send it to your place of work. If you are not been attended to by a doctor, you should get a signed sick note from the medical professional taking care of you.

Missing school or work due to illness could be an uncomfortable experience. And having problems at school or work is something you should avoid. A doctor’s note may serve as a very good cover for you.